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Ghanaians Ask Serious Questions After Leaders Of The Covid 19 Fund Begs For Extra Cash For PPEs

Ghanaiana has openly vented their anger on the Ghana Health Service on what they believed is humanly absurd and out of thinking realism.

Their anger errupted after the COVID-19 National Trust Fund came out appealing for funds to purchase Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for frontline workers leading the fight against COVID-19 in Ghana.

They believe the current hikes in the Corona Virus pandemic in the country is overwhelming, hence it looks potent to place health workers and front liners in big danger without making provisions fro them.

These health workers needs to be protected and given the needed facilities to efficiently and confidently wage war against the sudden hikes and the new variant in the country.

Ghana has started recording huge Covid 19 cases accross the nation with toll also rising in the same manner.

Ghanaians have shot and shaded into what The trust fund in collaborating with the Ghana Health Service is openly demanding. 

From the comments made, Ghanaians have the feeling that some monies have not been accounted for in the right and transparent manner.

Ghanaians are still in an unbelievable state with the new communique that sounds awkward to them.

Questions have been asked with regards to the overwhelming monies that was donated to them.

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