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"Sign Of Misfortune" See The Animal This Lady Was Seen Carrying in The Market That's Causing Fear

This night the internet has become viral following pictures of the lady, who is supposed to have sold a huge bird in one local market. The lady, who was middle aged, held the huge animal and allegedly asked for some money in exchange.

The animal known as Leptoptilos Chrumanifer is an enormous bird which feeds on the dirt in the waste dumps. Just a week ago a toyota probox windscreen was rammed by similar birds. According to the soft radio, the lady was reportedly selling it to a willing buyer in one of the local markets.

Many on the Internet have wondered how she has captured the enormous, rapid and ever-violent animal. Many have also warned the public that it would be poisonous to eat meat from the same animal source.

see what people are saying here:

A group also said that perhaps the lady was out of her mind, some suggested that perhaps she needs money and the animal could get make her some money. This action from the lady has got people surprised, the bird is known to be one of the most dangerous birds on earth and yet the lady held on to it comfortably.

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Leptoptilos Chrumanifer


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