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Energy Minister Distinguishes between Current and Previous Government's Erratic Power Supply

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Erratic power supply or irregular, unpredictable and frequent power outages has been one of the headaches of most Ghanaians over the past few years. This is also known as "Dumsor" and no Ghanaian is pleased when this unfortunate incident takes place.

Frequent and uninterrupted power supply is the dream and hope of almost every Ghanaian. This is because electrical power is being used by almost every Ghanaian in their daily activities. Hence erratic power supply puts an extra burden (cost) on consumers.

Though the situation was being kept under control some few years ago, it seems to have gotten out of hand in recent times. Many have expressed their concerns over the issue, demanding the government to fix the problem at the sector.

Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Energy Minister

The Energy Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh distinguished the erratic supply being experienced under the current administration(NPP) and that of the previous administration (NDC). He described the current erratic power supply as cutting the power to areas and fixing some issues with the lines. This he compared it with the previous administration's erratic power supply.

In view of what has been stated above, he called the current situation as "Dumsiesie" which means "off and fix" and that of the previous administration's "Dumsor" which means "off and on". He sent this statement via his Twitter handle.

The Energy Minister explained that the number of electricity consumers have increased over the years due to increasing population and hence the power cables had to be upgraded. The upgrade he said, was done to be able to meet the demand of the public. He emphasized that the transmission lines had been in use for such a long time as at the time when Ghana's population around 5-6 million.

This population has increased by 6 to 7 folds over the years, hence the upgrade of the power cables. He added that the power supply to areas had to be cut for personnel to work on these transmission lines. Hence his term " Dumsiesie" - "Off and Fix"

Is there any difference between the erratic power supply being experienced under the current adminstration and what was experienced during the previous administration? Leave your comments below

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