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"The Sad State Of Our Beloved Nation" - Reaction Tilapia Drops This Cartoon

A journalist interviewed one of the traders at the Makola market after the burning of the shops and asked her; "How much money have you lost due to this raging fire?" The trader with sadness and anger said that "if you put God aside, what is in that store is my second god".

This means that these market women have invested all their resources into these trading businesses, some even took loans in order to establish these businesses. Imagine taking a loan to establish a business only for a fire to destroy all in few days. If counseling session is not organized for some of them, it can even lead to some committing suicide because some of them see the investments made as life without alternative hope.

What causes this ravaging fire is not all that important to these shop owners but how the Ghana Fire Service responded to the call to come and quench the fire. An eyewitness said that it took the Ghana Fire Service about one hour to get to the Makola market meanwhile the Fire Service is few meters from the shops.

After arriving late, they seem to encounter a water shortage. This is soo embarrassing, in this 21st Century that even some countries use drones (Matrice 210 V2) to fight a fire, Ghana cannot even find a fire hydrant in and around Makola.

It was upon this disappointment on the part of the Ghana Fire Service that Tilapia The Cartoonist drew this image below and said that:

"Lack of water in fighting Makola fire clash!"

Most Ghanaians after coming across this said that this is the state of our dear nation where the President of the land will like to bath in the sky but cannot get fire hydrants at a vantage point. Check out the reactions of some Ghanaians on this below:

A Facebook user known as Muhammed Shasudeen Seeker reacted that "The sad state of our beloved nation. Nothing is fixed and the only thing that works in the country is insecurity, corruption, hijacked of state institutions for political gains, and buying of mansions for slay queens".

Another Facebook user known as Nicholas Baiden said that "In this Century that serious nations are moving forward, look at all this in Ghana" You call them and it takes more than one hour for them to come when they arrive also no water. The question is what are they coming to do? Very annoying?"

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