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How to do Money Doubling Spell without attending to Mallam

This is a easy spell to double any denomination of paper money. First, pick out a fresh note of paper money in a denomination of your choice (the bigger the denomination, the higher the reward).

You may use a couple of note if you wish. Place these bills in a new white envelope, and seal the envelope. Fold the envelope in half (folding towards you) and chant: “Powers that be, to me shall bring,The means to double this sum.Hear me, you spirits which sing,Quickly, and gently come.” 

Do this once every day for seven days. As you chant, hold the envelope up in front of you and envision the envelope getting heavier. Keep the envelope in your bed room while you aren't casting the spell.

After you’ve received the money, open the envelope and spend or deposit the money withinside the envelope.Use a brand new set of bills and envelope to cast the spell again. 

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Money Doubling Spell


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