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Ghana Will Experience Famine In 2023 - Crop Scientist Says

Dr. Nana Kwekucher Ackah Junior is a Lecturer at the Department of Crop Science, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. The crop scientist has predicted that Ghana is likely to experience another famine in 2023. As many Ghanaians can remember the country experienced a severe in 1983 which created a lot of inconveniences for the citizens.

Dr. Nana Kwekucher Ackah gave his basis for this prediction when he was speaking with Afia Pokua on live radio. According to him, the importation of maize from Malawi, Brazil, and the United States of America have propelled kenkey to be sold at GH¢5.00.00. He stated that the country is not producing enough maize to feed the growing population because of the lack of fertilizers.

Farmers are having their monies to purchase fertilizers but there are not enough in the market to buy. He said that Ghana imported maize worth 48 million from other countries. Dr. Nana Kwekucher Ackah Junior also said that Ghana imports a lot of products from Russia, Canada, Brazil, and Ukraine among others. According to him, Ghana imports Wheat, Fertilizer, etc from Russia.

We also import Sunflower oil, chicken, gizzard, spices, etc from Ukraine. As these countries are facing challenges because of war and other economic issues they will soon seize supplying these products. And our leaders are doing less to curb this situation. As a result of this, Dr. Nana Kwekucher Ackah Junior said that they have researched food crops, and the research shows that Ghana will face famine in 2023.

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