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Promote your business by using Sea salt and these two plants to attract customers

Whosoever does not work does not deserve to eat, but here is the case a person will decide to work but does not make enough sale throughout the day because of negative energies around them. This makes it very difficult for people to make it in life. If that is your problem, then cry no more because the solution is here.

When you go to the market you will see six people selling the same stuff at the same place but there's is one seller most consumers purchase from, this is called "Power from above". People use these few directions to attract customers to their products by following them in a correct procedure.

Today I will show my cherished readers how to use Sea salt, Nyenya, and Guava leaves to attract customers to their product. After this practice, you can thank me later. The brain behind these directions is to;

  1. Eradicate all negative energies around you.
  2. Blind all evil eyes that will see your economic activities.
  3. Attract customers to your products.
  4. Removing misfortunes from your life.

Following the directions carefully

  1. Fetch a bucket of water and tear at most three leaves of both the Nyenya and the Guava and put them into the water.
  2. Pour two drops of Florida water from its head into the water.
  3. Now pray over the water. Tell God to help move your business for you.
  4. Now pour the water on your body, reciting Psalm 23. Note: Please don't add soap.
  5. Now leave yourself wet for the water to get dried on your skin.
  6. This should be done before bed to get rid of bad luck and evil eyes.
  7. The next day at your place of work, pray on the salt to attract customers to you.
  8. Put the Sea salt in all the four corners of your shop and put some inside your wallet to attract money.
  9. You should make sure to change the salt every ten days.

These directions must be followed carefully because it is very effective. In case of any doubt, you can ask me in the comment section for answers, please don't just go and do it anyhow.

Thank you so much for your precious time on my article. Please motivate me to do more for you by sharing, commenting, liking and following me for more on spiritualities.

Content created and supplied by: TeacherKhobby (via Opera News )

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