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An Unearned Salary Irregularity Of GH$36,462.00 Hits Ghana Export Promotion Authority

Another document from the office of the Auditor General department pointing into some abnormalities in monetary handling in Ghana Export Promotion Authority over some unearned salary of GH$36,462.00 for a period of ten (10) months.

So basically Mr Kwadwo Adubofour was taking salaries and allowances at Ghana Export Promotion Authority and the same time taking allowances and another salary at the ministry of Trade and industry.

Under Ghana Export Promotion Authority it was noted that Mr. Kwadwo Adubofour, a former Deputy Director of the Authority was paid an unearned salary of GH$36,462.00 for a period of ten (10) months.

It was then recommended to Management to recover the salaries and allowances unduly paid to Mr. Kwadwo Adubofour and pay same to Government chest failing which the approving officers of the salary shall be held liable”.

The irregularities under the Nana Addo Dr. Bawumia-led government have been questioned by Ghanaians with the wrong handling of monies in his government.

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