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Is it advisable to buy a house or build a house

The only place which is full of happiness is the home. As the saying goes, 'Home Sweet Home'. Everyone must have a shelter. And the question is what kind of shelter does one want to live inside. Is it a shelter or house which is already built by someone and which is being sold to you or a house which is being built by the person.

Today let us find out which of these two methods is the best.

Buying an already made or built house is very easy to get. It is home which is fully built or made. But these buildings are very expensive. This is because the owner of the house has put together all the cost of the construction of the house together with his profit. A house which will take ¢100,000 to build will now cost you ¢160,000 to buy.

Building your own house is the best method to take. Even though it takes a lot of time but these buildings are very strong and also less expensive as compared to buying a house. 

Please tell us what you think about these two by commenting.

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