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The road before and after he used his own money to construct the Asphalt.[Photos]

 What he did is unforgettable. Residents at the North Celebrity Hill, Lashibi MF-Estate will never stop mentioning his name. 

 Philanthropist and a businessman, Mr. Atta Frimpong, who deals in cars of all kinds constructed a 2 kilometer road at the North Celebrity Hill, Lashibi MF-Estate in the Greater Accra Region.

He is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Rounor Motors Limited.

  He explained the hectic situation he had to go through before completing the road construction. He stated that he went for permit from the Authorities in charged and hired people who we expert in road construction to aid in the process.

 After the construction was through, he stated emphatically that he did it candidly and had no intention writing a name for himself.

 Mr. Frimpong said, “...I am not taking any money from government”. He explained that he did what he did following the President's announcing this year as "the year of road". 

 According to him he was intrinsically motivated after seeing the state of the road and that how come he was able to through all the toils in the completion of the project without giving up. 

He explained that he doesn't have too much but he did it with the little he had as he felt that the matter was one that required urgency.

 The road before.

He also denied all alleged accuses of having political ambitions following his unprecedented project.

 "I'm a businessman and would like to remain that.

 “I'm a Ghanaian and I have a good heart for the I travel outside, I see other countries and I want my country to look beautiful.

 He also urged other philanthropists to engage themselves in any ways possible to help the development of the country. "it takes two to be successful".

 “I want this to challenge others to do more...”

Below are some photos of him and the project;

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Atta Frimpong Greater Accra Lashibi North Celebrity Hill Rounor


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