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Ex Freemason member: Pray over every Loan or money you receive. Find out why

A former member of the freemason society has given details of some of their evil activities. This throws more light on how humans ought to be careful with these dark groups that exist in our society. He began by saying how their spiritual camp made him set up a Savings and Loans company across Africa.

The monies they gave to people in a form of loans were from their camp. He said when someone comes to take a loan from us, his or her business thrives smoothly but after sometime, the business will start to drop to the point that the person cannot pay back the loan.

He continued our major target is to make that person’s life very miserable so we still give out a second loan to the same person without giving him or her any form of pressure to pay back. No matter what, we know in advance that the person cannot pay back the loan.

He said such people would often become miserable to the point that he or she cannot go to church anymore or may leave for village; and that accomplished their mission. However, he made an interesting point of great importance to Christians.

He said but when we give loans to some Christians, we don’t often get our monies back because after taking the money from us, they pray and soak the money in the blood of Jesus. Once they do that, we cannot accept the money anymore.

He continued so even when such Christians come back to pay the loan they took, we tell them to keep on working with the money. Irrespective of whatever they say, we either give them new business ideas to set up a new branch or we still keep on begging them to take the money away and keep on injecting it into their business.

As narrated, the interviewer was shocked because he never thought this was part of how these occult people did their work. He continued because they soaked the money in the blood of Jesus when they first took the loan from us, it becomes impossible for us to take it back so we never take our money back whenever they come back to pay the loans they took.

He narrated how by not taking the money and urging them with new business ideas, they often introduced more people to the company and though they never get their monies from some of these Christians, they still achieved their target on those new ones that they introduced to them because not everybody soaks the loans they take in the blood of Jesus.

The good and bad news of this is that, the savings and loans company is no more in existence but he added another serious point. He said but there is a bank in Ghana operating in the way we operated. They have just modified the name of the bank. The aim of the bank is the same as the aim of my savings and loans company. The bank is still operating in Ghana and their aim is to make your life very miserable.

He narrated these on a radio station, Joy FM in Ghana, on the program 'lunch with Jesus'. Please follow my page for more of such.

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