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"We Could Eat Gob3 7 Times A Week But Now It's Once In 3 Months" - Ghanaians Complain Of The Economy

It has been four weeks into the new year but one thing seems not to have changed and that is the economy situation of Ghana. Ghanaians keep complaining at the economy and it is no longer a news.

Prices of things have skyrocketed. Goods and services are getting more and more expensive from food to clothing to cosmetic to mere services like barbing and so on.

Someone even tweeted that "We could eat gob3 7 times a week but now it is once in 3 months". This is clearly because of the current economic situation.

Many people believe the blame goes to the current President, His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo but the man is trying his best to help the country. Though it might not be obvious at first but he is still trying.

Some people are of the notion that things were cheaper under the reign of John Mahama but as time progresses, prices of goods and services are not supposed to remain the same.

Despite Ghana and its citizens have been through a lot, yet there is still hope and all will be well.

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