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Go And Work Sit With Stakeholders Before Implementing The E-Levy - The Danquah Institute Hits Hard

The Danquah Institute, an elite pressure group and Civil Society Organization (CSO) that is founded and thrives by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) ideology has advised that the ruling government to hold unto the proposed Electronic Transmission Levy which is bound to help thee government rake some monies for the State.

According to them, though the levy is going to help in the development process of the country, the e-Levy seems to be rushed in the implementation process currently.

They are therefore urging the ruling class to hold unto it, consult some financial experts, and all stakeholders within the value chain to get indepth knowledge, gather their sentiments, and make some amends, should the overall consultation advise such.

The Danquah Institute was addressing a press conference today in Accra.

Dr. Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko mentioned that in some third world countries who have embarked on this digital levy agenda, the action though was meant to be for the good of all, due to the fact that it did not have an empirical studies backing it, it did not start on a good note and did not achieve much of a result.

She said that until a feasibility studies is being done, it may achieve a nose dive based on how people are currently reacting to it and it also seems to be quiet a huge amount which is going to take from Ghanaians.

The e-Levy is going to tax all online financial activities by 1.75 percent of all monies sent or received on phone from the mobile network companies or remittances.

The e-Levy is bound to take effect from January 2022, should Parliamentarians approve it and allow it to be in existence.

The government has expressed that it is going to replace the controversial toll levies which has been 'prematurely' abolished by the Roads Ministry. 

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Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko CSO Civil Society Organization Danquah Institute e-Levy


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