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Here’s why Young Ghanaians are into Pig farming – Should you join them?

Pig farming as we know is the breeding or raising of domestic pigs as livestock. It is also known as hog farming – a branch of animal husbandry. Pig farming has been in existence for as long as anyone can remember; however, it has not been very popular until recently. Suddenly everyone, especially the young ones are going into pig farming. This article intends to explain the reason for this and to also give an introduction to how pigs are raised.

Pigs can be raised for different reasons, depending on the interest of the farmer. Some people raise pigs for sale, others for meat.

In Ghana, the raising of pigs to a large extent depends on your area of residence. The prices also differ from area to area, in most places in Ghana, the price of pigs ranges from fifteen to twenty Ghana cedis per kilo. It might be higher in Accra though, as the capital of the state. This is why farmers have to ensure that within six months period, the weight is 80 to about 180 kg to make more money. Anything less than this weight is a bad market for the farmer because getting customers becomes very difficult and this will affect the business.

If a farmer gets to sell a few pigs that range from 80 – 120kg, the amount he/she makes is not very bad, especially for starters. It still counts as good business. However, before venturing into this business, have in mind that you have to feed them. Just as every other animal, pigs need proper care and maintenance. Having this in mind helps you properly maintain the pigs.

Some people might feel differently about the profit that comes from raising pigs, but the truth is; there is so much profit in it. The profit only comes if you work hard and ensure that the pigs are well taken care of and also have proper weight for the market. It won’t hurt to take a class on how to maintain pigs for sale, there’s also YouTube and google where you could learn how to feed pigs, cross them when to vaccinate them if you have to etc.

When it comes to starting a pig farm business or any business at all, you have to be cautious. Try different things out, ask questions about the business and also read about it. It is normal to feel nervous but don’t let the nerves consume you. Just go for it.

So many people have made it raising pigs for sale. Raising pigs is one of the most lucrative businesses especially in Africa. Young people have become millionaires just by raising pigs. A typical example is Bob Kibe from Kikuyu, Kenya who became a young millionaire after he started raising pigs for sale. According to him, he started with 10 pigs (weighing 50kg on average) which he sold for over 1500 USD which motivated him to continue. He stated that “if you'll do 10 for 1500USD then you'll do more for a greater amount”. Another notable farmer is John Atsu Agboloso.

Starting a Pig Farm Business in Ghana

Before venturing into this business, consider the following;

A practical plan with a solid foundation

Dedication and willingness to sacrifice to succeed in your goal

Technical skills

Basic knowledge of management finance, record keeping and marketing research

These skills will help you, especially when starting the pig business.

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