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What Can E- Levy Do When Billions In Loans And Grants Could Not Do Anything For Us - Opinion

What can the tax on electronic transactions do for Ghanaians when billions in loans and grants could not do anything for us.

Ghanaians must not forget that the government claims electricity and water bill from us every month but still there is no improvement in our country, Ghana.

Aside from the water and electricity bill, the government is into mining and so, therefore, golds, bauxites, manganese, and other natural resources can be expected to earn after the mining activities.

I want to ask my readers that, what have all those things done for us?

Those things have done nothing for us and so, therefore, E- Levy is not going to do anything for us.

The only thing that can be done to help Ghanaians is to depreciate the prices of the currencies.

The government should change our currency for us or better still, return the price of the currencies to Jerry John Rawlings’ era and that will do something great for the Ghanaians.


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