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Business Management analysis

Features of a comprehensive Business Plan.

A comprehensive Business Plan, must have the following features.

1. Executive Summary: in the executive Summary you briefly talke about your business name, ownership, location, staff, management, products and services offers.

-Mission statement,

-Vision ( long- term and Short term)

2. Description of company. In this part, you write about:

- value proposition statement

- features of products

- management, organizational structure.

3. Market Analysis.

At this part, you look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) of business in that locality.

Also do PEST analysis, and

Target market ( ages, sex)

4. Competitive Analysis. In this aspect, you look at the:

- Strenct of new entry

- Product Substitute.

- main competitors

5. Description of management and organization.

In this part, you describe your company structure, starting from the Chief Executive Officer to the last position, and their roles they play in the company.

6. Breakdown of your products and services.

Explain and describe the products and services your company offers in details.

7. Marketing plan: Here you explain how you are going to market your products.

8. Sales Strategy

- pricing

9.Budget statement.Here, you tell your potential investors how much is needed to start up the business. Make sure you breakdown how the funds will be used in details.

10. Financial projections

Financial projections is important in business plan. You tell your potential investors how much the business will be expected to make in three to four months time.

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