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Bawumiah Suffers Economic Wahala- All Hope Lost As Bawumiah And Ken Ofori-Attah Escape Latest Exposé

Bawumiah and Ken Ofori-Attah have escaped the harsh criticism and lambast that comes with incompetence and the mismanagement that this country is facing.

For some people, they strongly believe that the covid-19 even helped the country and was able to help the cedi remain stable for sometime and not ruin the country like the Npp claim.

According to the latest findings, the country is having one of its worse times in its history. And all of this is being is attributed to the incompetence of these two men in power.

Bawumiah and Ken Ofori-Attah bragged about being the brains of the country in finance and economics.

Yet, they are nowhere to be found after Bloomberg announced the cedi as the worse performing currency. A few years ago, the cedi was one of the highly valued currencies which rocked shoulders with the dollar.

However, the fast decline in its performance remains a mystery to Ghanaians. Bawumiah and Ofori-Attah are nowhere to be found and the majority of Ghanaians and business men are in distress hoping to hear a better news.

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