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Check out the hiding Secret about Togbe Tsali's death - Why he was killed and slashed into pieces

Togbe Tsali, a great Anlo with supernatural abilities and a member of the Tsiame royal clan of today's Volta Region, was a member of the Tsiame royal clan. He stayed at Notsie during the reign of King Agorkoli, a wicked king. Because of their king's cruel treatment of the people, he (Togbe Tsali) chose to flee to a new location (Eweland) with some of the people. He turned into a flying spirit and flew around Eweland surveying the ground. Tsali persuaded the people that the land is fine, and that they should run at night to claim it.

They poured water on the land late at night to keep it dust-free so they could flee without being discovered. The next day, when King Agorkoli learned that most of his people had fled, he mobilized his army to pursue them and get them back. Togbe Tsali, on the other hand, asked the people to go backwards on their journey. The soldiers were perplexed because they couldn't tell which way the people were moving. According to another version, he transformed into a mouse and changed the course of their footsteps in order to confuse King Agorkoli's soldiers.

He began farming and hunting when they arrived at the Eweland. In a single day, he cleared a vast area of land and caused rain to fall. He planted maize, which grew to maturity and was harvested the same day. People were forced to buy food from him alone because there was no rain on the other farmlands. This angered the people because he had used his supernatural abilities to further his own personal goals. They planned to assassinate Tsali due to widespread anti-Tsali sentiment. He was apprehended and buried. He was seen walking around his compound three days after the funeral, going about his chores.

People were taken aback. They recaptured him, dismembered him, bound stones to his body, and dumped it into the Volta River. Three days later, he was seen on the riverbank sitting on the back of a crocodile. He promised his people that he could not be killed by someone who was born of a woman. His relationships with his people changed as a result of this. He then put his supernatural abilities to good use for the citizens. When he was about to die, he requested that two shrines be built in his honor. When they wanted his help, they could go to the shrines and ask for him.

The two shrines are still standing in the volta region today, where devout worshippers pray to him in times of need.

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