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Some Easy Ways Foreign Nationals Make Money In Ghana

Ghana is a West Africa country. It is one of the countries in African whose vibrant youths undertake the perilous journey through the Sahara Desert using irregular migration methods into Libya, and then across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. This dangerous journey had resulted in loss of many lives. However, the very few successes still motivate some youths to want to try.

But even as Ghanaian youths break out of their country as if they were breaking out of a jail to find peace and freedom in another land, foreign nationals arrive through both regular and irregular means with little or no capital to take their place. The foreigners also find Ghana to be their place of peace and freedom. To them Ghana represents the land of their greener pasture and they have come to graze to fatten.

Among the foreign nationals who troop into Ghana are Europeans, Americans, Asians and even fellow Africans from countries such as Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo. Some of these Africans may come as students, but to many other Nigerians, they will only return after they have established a flourishing business in Ghana. Ghana represents their dream land and they will stay and die here if worse comes to worse.

Some Nigerians even say that they see money in the gutters of Ghana but it appears that the Ghanaian does not have the eyes needed to see this money.

Some of the common money-making ventures that these foreign nationals invest into include the selling of imported items. The imports they deal in include mobile phones and its accessories, among other electronic gadgets. These foreign nationals usually get shops in the vibrant market places such as the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Kejetia, Tarkoradi market square and even in towns where one cannot find sales point for mobile phones and accessories. The others who have a higher amount in capital venture into small scale mining by partnering with locals.

These sectors are very lucrative but most locals find them to be demeaning jobs and so prefer to travel to try their luck as long as they cannot find office or white-collar jobs in Ghana.

The rose wood business and the export of illegally harvested timber were also some of the trendy ways that foreigners earned money in Ghana. The ban on rose wood export in recent times and the subsequent crack down on its exportation by government has however, made this trade a little less lucrative.

Salt mining in the salty lagoons in Ada and in the coastal region of the Volta region are also some of the ways that people earn a lot of money. One does not often need any formal education to go into this business. One only needs a little financial capable and knowledge of a final user to be in business.

Along Ghana’s international borders such as Aflao, Elubo, Burkina Faso and even in the central district of Accra, money dealers or table top forex bureaus are a thriving business that is largely dominated by foreign nationals. One hardly even finds people who can fluently speak at least a Ghanaian dialect involved in such a business, yet they are able to draw the attention of locals and do in business. This shows how badly the service in needed in the Ghanaian economy.

If Ghanaians could take the pain to travel around their own country they will find a lot of fertile ground to plant their own greener pasture or even find greener pasture. However, we seem more focused on traveling out of the country by any means possible than traveling within.

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