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Learn From These Reasons Why Many Become Poor


I believe that most widespread catastrophe this world has ever seen is poverty. Poverty has killed several people either directly or indirectly over the centuries and its fangs continue to dig deep into the hearts of many.  Poverty steals the dignity of man and destroys the destiny of children. Poverty has generated wars, further aggravating the cycles that poverty has already created.

Wants to discuss some few reasons why many Africans become poor.

The first and foremost reason why many Africans become poor is because of their Choice.  Truly we make choices on a daily basis but we are where we are due to the myriad of choices we have made in the past. Similarly, our future will also be determined by the choices we make today.  Everything that we are and have, including health, wealth and happiness are the result of the choices we have made. Choices are specific decisions we make to move in a particular direction which leads to poverty or wealth. There are always two choices and two directions we can take. The choices will either take us up or down. The choice will bring life or death. Decisions make you responsible for the decisions you take. Any choice you make produces a corresponding consequence.  You can make choices either by accident or for a purpose, but they all matter and will ultimately shape your future.

Again, Addiction is also another factor.  Addiction is the dependence on the use of harmful substance. All the people who are addicted to drugs have shown that addiction is a dangerous habit to acquire. All such people will strive to sustain their crave without budget and financial planning leading to their abject poverty. It must be noted that there are other things that are less harmful than drugs but they are also addictive and many have invited poverty through these habits. Some may be chronic gamblers. Others may be addicted to eating too much while others are addicted to movies instead of engaging in productive activities.   

Addiction makes you act before thinking about the impact on your health or finances and that is surely a recipe for poverty. Addiction is bad and destructive to life. Addiction does not build but destroys and usually destroys in a shorter time than was used to build.

Some are compulsive consumers. Anytime they get their pay cheque or money, their first reaction is to go on a buying spree. This could be a strong reason why you are in the current poverty – stricken situation. When addiction gets hold of you, debts and poverty is the end results.

Thirdly, not saving also can be another major reason.  Savings are temporary parking spaces for your money which could in the future be invested into crypto currencies, real estates, shares, bonds or into a business. Saving is a good habit. It helps one to prepare for a rainy season. Anytime you have money, you must endeavor to save a portion of that money.

 Many are poor because they do not know that there are seasons of life and that there also come a time when we cannot work. When the youth of today gets money, all what they are interested in is going to the mall to have fun, going to pubs and clubs and even wasting their money and resources on women. Anyone who does not save is setting him/herself up for failure and poverty –stricken life. The habit of saving is actually the foundation for investments and financial independence.

Last but not least is borrowing. According to the Deuteronomy 15:6, is not a blessing. It presupposes that borrowing is also not a good thing. Borrowing can affect your sleep, affect your relationships, attract some diseases, take joy and happiness from the family, brings embarrassment and shame. Most countries are slaves because of borrowing.  Borrowing makes you small in the presence of the lender; they can speak to you anyhow if you do not settle your debt.

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