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2021:Top 10 Largest Producers Of Cotton In Africa

Cotton is the most important cash crop in the textile industry. It is used in making clothes, canvas, cotton seed oil is derived from the plant, cosmetics, etc. It is also a food crop. Most of the clothes we wear are from cotton or a mixture of cotton and synthetic.

In the light of this , the article takes a look at the performance of African countries in production of cotton in 2020 as released by in June 2021.

1. Benin 🇧🇯 : Located in West Africa, they are Africa's largest producer of cotton with 1.35 million bales. They are ranked 10th in the world.

2.Ivory Coast 🇮🇪 : With 1milliion cotton bale, they are the second leading producer of cotton in Africa and 13th globally.

3. Burkina Faso🇧🇫: Also located in West Africa, they produce a total of 900,000 bales of cotton annually. They are third in Africa and 15th worldwide.

4. Cameroon🇨🇲: The West African country produces 640,000 bales yearly putting them as fourth on the list for Africa and 17th in the world.

5. Sudan🇸🇩: Officially known as the Republic of the Sudan, is a country in Northeast Africa. They are ranked 5th with a total bales of 600,000. They are also 18th world wide.

6 .Mali 🇲🇱 :The West African nation gives 400,000 bales the f cotton annually. This make them the 6th most producing cotton in Africa and 21st in the entire world.

7. Tanzania 🇹🇿: They are found in East Africa. Known for its vast wilderness areas, they produce 375,000 bales of cotton annually making them the 22nd most cotton producing country in the world and 7th in Africa.

8. Nigeria 🇳🇬: The Giants of West Africa are able to give a total cotton bale of 350,000. They are 8th on this list and 23rd globally.

9. Chad🇷🇴 :They are the 9th leading producer of cotton in the African continent and 24th worldwide. They gave a bale of 330,000 in 2020.

10. Ethiopia 🇪🇹: They are the 10th on the list for Africa and 28th globally, producing a total of 240,000 bales in the year 2020.


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