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Story time: Kwaku Ananse The Rich farmer.

There was a time when Kweku Ananse sat quietly in his village and thought about how to get rich. He thought: "I have a wife and only four sons to take care of, but life is cruel and evil."

The next day, he went to all the rich people, and said: "My wife is almost dying in the hospital bed. Please lend me some money so that i can take her to the Chinese medicine doctor for treatment." They kindly gave him The money he requested as a gift to the poor wife.

Later, Ananse bought a very large piece of land in the name of his uncle and planted seeds. He met most of the young people in the village at a popular palm bar and told them that his uncle in the city asked him to build a large farm for him, so he wanted to hire them to weed and plant seeds. He also promised to pay them very well, so they all agreed to work for him.

Day after day, as people were weeding and planting seeds, Ananse relaxed in the shade of the trees and smoked a pipe. The climate that year was very good, so the plants grew very well, and he hired someone to harvest for him again. It was a bumper harvest. After selling his agricultural products, Ananse became very rich.

He bought a new piece of land again and built a luxurious mansion for himself and his family that he always dreamed of. He did all these things in the name of an uncle who never existed.

Ananse lived a very happy life, until one day his last born "Tikonokono" ignorantly revealed his father’s prosperity to the chief’s son. The secret behind. He is proud of his father's use of other people's money and power to get rich. The chief's son reported this to his father, and the father told everyone in the village about Ananse's deception.

This made them very annoyed. They all used different types of weapons, from short knives to clubs of different shapes and sizes, and then marched to Ananse's home to cut him into pieces. On the way, they were very angry. The noise attracted Ananse, who was smoking a pipe leisurely in front of his house. He sat up quickly because he felt dangerous when he saw the weapon in their hands. He was so scared that he threw the pipe away and ran into his room quickly, hiding in the corner of the ceiling.

This is why spiders are usually found in the corners of our rooms.

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