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Otumfour finally raises red flag over the private developer who cut down trees he planted

Some months ago, there was an issue of private developer who bought a land around lake Bosomtwe. This developer bought the land around the lake and cut down all the trees for their private business. These trees planting was initiated by the Asantehene Otumfour Osei Tutu II due to how the lake was deteriorating so that they will prevent it from drying up. The issue reached the management of the programme and caused the project of the developer to be halted.

But it looks like the private developer was secretly doing the project despite orderding them to stop. This issue reached his royal highness, Otumfour Osei Tutu II. Otumfour speaking concerning the matter, he said the issue came to him that one of his sub-chiefs sold the land for the developer which led him to cut the trees for their project. He said the lake serves as a source of revenue for the communities surrounding the area. Some use for fishing and other things so they can't watch for it to dry up or deteriorate.

His Royal Highness has therefore raised a red flag over it and ordered every work going there to stop. There is heavy security presence at the area. The highly respected King explains how they can't afford to lose the properties of the lake and they will not sit aloof for it to be destructed. Before the trees were planted, the management of the program ordered that, anyone who will cut one of the trees will be scolded.

Source: TV 3

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