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Covid-19 and Ghanaian Business: The Pros and Cons

The world has never ceased to be plagued by one devastation or another. The world has witnessed diseases, natural disasters, man-made disasters and many others but none has been as impactful as the covid-19 in recent times. Covid-19 has affected every area of our lives: social, economic, political psychological, emotional, etc.

Although it's a disease and by implication its impact should have been all negative, it has also brought about very positive outcomes especially in the world of business.

Ghanaian businesses during this Covid-19 era has suffered a great deal. A lot of companies had to shut down because by the nature of their businesses they could not continue operating. One of such businesses was the hospitality business. It's the kind of business that requires a lot of physical interaction and since Covid-19 protocols like social distancing prevented that, many of them had to shut down at a point until restrictions were eased a bit. The automatic implication was that quite a number of people were unemployed.

As if unemployment was not devastating enough, prices of goods and services skyrocketed. Commodities that satisfied basic needs were the most affected. As a result, prices of food in particular, shot up at a time of unemployment of many.

This situation further resulted in emotional and psychological related issues, chief among them being depression. A colleague of mine who had just quit job before the lockdown, became greatly depressed to the point of madness. This was because she didn't have any money to go by and on top of that, she lived alone with no one to share her lockdown days with.

Necessity, it is said, is the mother of invention thus those who have been smart enough have adapted to survive and the adaptability has resulted in some very useful breakthroughs for them during this period.

Businesses quickly shifted to the virtual space and so online business became very pronounced during this period. Restaurants began to advertise their services online. If you were in the position to afford, all you needed to do was place an order online. Whatever the food you want will be delivered to you right in the comfort of your home. Unfortunately this was for only those who had the wherewithal to do so. All manner of businesses got transferred to the virtual space albeit patronage was not like that of the in-person.

Even more smarter businessman shifted focus to what is more relevant during this period. Most business men and women moved into the Business of PPE production. Others have gone into into manufacturing, production and selling of tissues sanitizers and any other thing that was needed during this period. Our dealers and seamstress became manufacturers of nose masks overnight I made some pretty good money out of it.

In fine, Covid-19 has opened the eyes of Ghanaian businessman to the opportunities available in the virtual space and again taught them to adjust and make the best out of every situation no matter how ugly they may seem.

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