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Money Isn't Made Of Paper- Know What It's Made Of

" Paper money", some usually tend to call it_ but the question is, is it really made of paper? We could begin by learning of a more appropriate name, ' a banknote'. In specific countries like the US and Canada, it's referred to as a 'bill'. If you should know, these banknotes are not made using ordinary paper. A point noteworthy here is that, the term paper is quite broad and ambiguous_ money is made using a more special kind of paper known as " cotton paper". You might as well simply refer to it as cotton_ the cotton is mixed with linen, abaca or other textile fibres. The US banknote for instance is made of 75% cotton and 25% linen. The choice of material used in the making of these banknotes is mainly to make the note resistant to wear and tear_ also, unlike most printing and writing paper, the banknote paper is infused with polyvinyl alcohol or gelatin instead of water to give it extra stength. The average life of a banknote is two years under normal conditions. Hope you did learn something new today, do subscribe if you haven't for more informative articles such as this.

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