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Farmers are killing us through this. Find out

Today, there is a war in the minds of all of us in terms of farming. Do we accept what is alien to us or we accept it the way they are without questioning it? Such is life and it is individual choice.

Many people especially those who know more about Agriculture are asking us to embrace the genetically modified foods simply called GMO foods and hybrid. Before we continue, let's differentiate between GMO and hybreed.

The basic difference between hybrids and GMOs is that hybrids only contain genes that are native to that species and the general use of the term GMOs means something created through genetic engineering to move desirable traits from one species to another. Hybrids can contain GMO traits too.

Speaking on Agoo program on crystal lense radio popularly known as Fafaafm today, some farmers poured out their experiences and their thoughts about what is really going on. One of such farmers is Mr. Bright Kwasi from Keta. He said some of the farmers are killing us because they add too much chemicals to the crops. He used tomatoes as an example. He said, "when farmers see that a box of tomatoes costs about GHC 1,500.00, though their tomatoes is not matured, they will harvest the unripe tomatoes, add chemical to it and it will ripe by force. Today when you buy tomatoes from the market, you will see that it is no more red like how it's used to be. It will be somehow green."

Speaking on the same show through recorded voice, Zowonu Bunutsi, a farmer whose farm is on the Akatsi to Ho road, said at first when he sow the local breeds of maize he gets about 12 bags but when he sowed the hybrid seeds, he get 25 bags from the same plot after applying fertilisers and other chemicals. His main problem according to him, is the seeds. He said with the local seeds, you get the seeds you will sow for the next season in the produce you get in this season but with the hybrid, you will have to buy it every year because even if you try to sow it, you will not get better yields. Diseases will attack the crops too on the field.

Mr. Kamasah Felix, an agricultural officer on the show, said farmers are the most intelligent people on earth because farming is a science. Our forefathers did not apply fertilisers because the land was fertile but now there is no nutrient in the soil, this called for the application of the fertilisers to boost the crops yield. The chemicals are good but it depends on how we use them. He said the laws of Ghana are not working and it is the duty of the Ghana Seeds Board to check the use of those chemicals. He advised farmers to check their soils' for their alkalinity and acidity because that will determine the type of crop to grow for a better yield.

He also said, hybrid seeds can be planted without the use of fertilisers if the land is fertile.

Are we supposed to embrace the GMO and hybrid seeds or we should depend on our local seeds?

Are farmers really Killing us? What are the remedies for this if truly they are killing us?

When you get to the market, what type of farm produce do you buy? Is it the doing of the farmers or the consumer's taste that is sending us to the use of this chemical?

Your thoughts are needed.

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