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ECG is misusing its monopoly and aggravating Ghanaians, according to opinion

Either the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is incompetent, or it is exploiting its monopoly.

Ghanaians have received appalling service from the state-owned electricity provider throughout the years, and it keeps getting away with it.

The most recent example of such poor customer service was seen in the last few days when people around the country were complaining about not being able to add credit to their prepaid metres.

As a result, the majority of businesses, including internet cafes, frozen food stores, and others, are no longer functional.

EGC, on the other hand, disclosed to the public that they had a technical issue and were taking action to fix it. The problem reappeared two weeks after it was ostensibly resolved, highlighting how incompetent E.C.G has become.

Being a victim myself, I am aware of how irritating it is to spend days sleeping in the dark. I also know how distressing it is to not be able to charge your phone or laptop for a few days, especially if you work from home and have KPI to meet.

Some people weren't affected by the alleged technological issues. It appears that people with out-of-date metres have no trouble purchasing electricity. Does this imply that the previous metres were of higher quality than the current ones? If that's the case, I think it would be better if we went back to the old metres.

When the electricity is used up, the so-called new and improved metres don't provide the same free 24-hour extension as the previous metres provide.

The anomaly has not been explained, but some customers who utilised the digital payment method on cellphones lost their money without receiving the electricity they had paid for.

ECG, the sole power vending company in Ghana, has grown wings and has started committing theft.

We want our old metres back if it will stop some of these aggravating recurrent difficulties, just to be clear.

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