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Ghana’s State Housing Company Affordable Houses Not Really Affordable

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Ghana’s State Housing Company (SHC) has been at the forefront of reducing the country's housing deficit which is more than two (2 million) million housing units.

Indeed this has been a major problem for the Ghanaian people as well as various governments who have struggled to get their heads around solving the housing deficit problem in the country.

The President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led government has taken the onus to confront the challenge head-on and they must be commended for their policies and initiatives so far.

The Ghana State Housing Company has rolled out affordable housing units for sale to Ghanaians who can afford. Even though the housing units are referred to as affordable, their prices fall out of range for affordable housing especially for low income earners such as teachers, nurses, public servants et al.

A single room self contained housing unit is going for Ghc100,000 or more. This is more than four times the annual salary of many public and private sector workers in Ghana.

This is not even a chamber and hall self contained but a single room self contained going for so much. One wonders how much a two bedroom self contained apartment will cost?

The houses and the attempts to solve the housing deficit problem by State Housing Company is very important and laudable but referring to them as affordable is not really the case based on renumeration levels of workers in Ghana.

Will government give low interest loans to low income workers to be able to afford these "affordable" housing units?

The housing units are really not affordable in my opinion, yes they have really reduced their prices in comparison to what pertains in the real estate industry in the country but State Housing Company (SHC) and government can do more to bring prices down or aid employees to afford these houses.

If government solves housing deficit problem, it will go along way to solve flooding issues, transportation issues and many other challenges facing the country.

We need to get it in this department to solve other nagging problems plaguing our beloved country.

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