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What Must Be Fixed First, The Citizenry or The Nation?

People who think we have to fix ourselves before our leaders can fix the country are wrong. I am even disappointed with those Ghanaians abroad who want us to fix ourselves before economic issues can be fixed especially when they're a living testimony to what is actually transpiring in those western countries where they have been living for long time.

How can fixing ourselves solve economic problems that have to do with economics? For instance, how can fixing ourselves change the cedi-dollar ratio or rate when it's more of demand and supply dynamism which lies within the ambits of economics? Besides, the attitude and behaviour of Ghanaians are more of moral than economics. The greed, the selfish and the corrupt attitude of most Ghanaians can be checked and reduced drastically if the system is allowed to work instead of falling on religion to do that for us.

 Everybody has the inclination or the propensity to be corrupt, selfish and greedy but if an effective system devoid of loopholes and external influence is put in place, we will have no alternative than to live and do things within the confines of the system. Don't let us think that citizens from the developed countries like Japan, Britain, Netherlands, France, Norway, US, Canada and Australia are immune to corruption, greed, selfishness, negligence, thievery etc. They're not but the system over there will not permit them to do so and the very few who are caught red-handed are not left to get off scot-free.This is all because the system is working. 

Now, who is the overall boss and CEO of the nation, who appoints and employs people to see to the running of the system in Ghana? Who should be blamed if those employed and appointed by the central government fails to discharge their duties per their job description? Is it the responsibility of the ordinary Ghanaian to make sure that the system works when the problem has to do with economics, security, management, logistics and so on? 

How can fixing ourselves solve the problems of the economy when people have been employed and appointed to do that job? Haven't we been changing government because we thought the previous ones were unable to manage the country and the economy? Then why the big fuss about we fixing ourselves when the problem is more of economics than morality? How can fixing ourselves solve the problems of the high cost of living borne out of high transportation cost, high cost of rent, utilities, fuel, deteriorating levels of education (when our leaders can't even supply curriculum materials after the change of the curriculum almost two years down the line), misappropriation of funds from loans; ballooning or inflating the cost of contracts awarded to family and friends etc. The list can go on and on and no particular political party is exempted from this avowal display of looting and winner takes all syndrome.

It's when our leaders at the helm of affairs exhibit high level of discipline borne out of the love for the nation(patriotism), whilst making the conscious effort to eschew selfishness, that they can have the boldness and the moral right and empowerment to punish people found flouting the rules and the requirements of the system put in place to check behavioral and attitudinal excesses of the rank and file in every organization in Ghana. 

How can our leaders allow the system to work when they are manipulating and sabotaging the system to their advantage. Let's read more about the Asian tigers and how their leaders sacrificed to be where they're now when we started on the same footing with some of them in the likes of Malaysia. Who said we cannot rise above our economic challenges if our political leaders seek to learn from Rwanda who started from grass and now to grace? We have more natural resources than Rwanda have yet they are able to make do with the little that they have to avert and revert their economic challenges. This turning point in the economic lives of Rwandans is not as result of individuals fixing themselves first but it took the initiative and political goodwill of their political leaders to dispense good governance devoid of personal interest of any kind. Their leaders stopped thinking about themselves and the well-being of their immediate children alone. They stopped robbing and looting from the state purse to save enough for themselves and their children in foreign banks to the neglect of the masses. It's after their leaders have shown a greater consideration to fix their country that the citizens saw the need to rally behind them by being responsible and law-abiding before the dreams and aspirations of the ruling government for the citizenry could be a reality. 

Not withstanding the need to fix the economy and allow state institutions to work independent of political influence, fixing ourselves is still paramount. However, it should be top-down but not bottom-up. Don't we think parents must fix themselves and the atmosphere of the home for their children to emulate but not the other way round?

It's therefore by virtue of our leaders exhibiting high sense of patriotism and selfishness that those of us from the lower ranks can feel the trickle down effects to propel us to a higher responsibility to embrace the need to come together to fight our economic backwardness and maladies and anything that serve to polarized us, for together we stand, divided we fall. Long live Ghana, long live Ghanaians, for we are all one under one umbrella of sovereignty.!!!!!!!

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Author: Love_Conquers All!!!

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