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Heavy rain submerged farms in the Agotime Ziope District

Rain is good and it is from it we get water to do many things including but not limited to washing, drinking, bathing and cleaning. Small scale farmers mostly depend on the rain for the survival of their crops. In case the rain fails, these farmers start to lament because their crops will not yield any profit.

A heavy rainfall of at least thirty five minutes in Ziope in the Agotime Ziope district of the Volta Region left many farmers to start counting their losses. The rain which started around 2:00 pm with slight storm stopped around 2:35 in the evening. The small stream flooded and got crops along it's banks destroyed. Some of the crops that got destroyed are maize, cassava, okro, garden egg, cowpea and yellow melon.

Farmers whose farms are destroyed lament they are suffering too much. According to them, the rains did not come at the time they needed it most in the year. Their crops withered due to drought. Now that they are happy the rain has started, it is destroying the farms in the low land areas. This is something they never expected in this year.

One farmer whose okro, potato and maize farms have been destroyed with the by Mr. Mawuli Abusa said, the year is very bad for him since this is the third time his farms are getting destroyed in the year. The first two farms withered due to drought and this one, as you can see, is destroyed by heavy rain. Mawuli Abusa is a physically challenged person who has problems with walking.

More so, students who are supposed to cross the small stream to school are also stranded due to the flood. This reporter had to help them cross when he went to take pictures for this report. Many of the residents lament they are always frustrated when it's rainy season because for one to get to the market, it will take those who know how to swim to help them.

Those who ply the road said the bridge needs to be reconstructed so that it can contain the water.

They are calling on well meaning Ghanaians to come to their aid.

What do you say to this people and can one profers solution to their plight?

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