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Business Management analysis

I bought Two Cars Meanwhile I sell Only This Foodstuff For 8 Years - Market Woman Reveals Secret

Am able to afford two cars through my wele business for over 8 years now in the market and other places. Infact I afford several things and properties through the selling of wele, it really helps me a lot because I care for the entire family through it.

Speaking to Yen.News.Com, the woman reveals that she decided to do such business because the person who trained her up used to sell wele therefore she also decided to go into that business because she knows the kind of profits she made from it.

According to the woman, she is into this business for almost 8 years now that shows she is having the passion for the business. She said many people are into this business but it depends on how to treat and care for yourself, the more the customers would approach you on daily basis.

"This business is good but when you found yourself in the field you must be very careful of how you treat and care for yourself because the wele can make you develop a very bad scent which can drives customers away from you", she reveals.

However, she made it clear that in no time she will stop the business because it is now expensive to buy and its making the business very slow nowadays.

Henceforth, she is planning to learn a vocational job aside of the wele business to keep her tight and dependable on for living.

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