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Foreign exchange

What Did He Not Say About The Dollar? Show Working- Sammy Gyamfi Boldly Calls Out Veep

Sammy Gyamfi calling out the Vice President for empty promises and lies is a norm. His persistence in ensuring that Ghanaians witness the kind of person they have as their chief economist or ‘economic Wizkid’ is not ending anytime soon. He has challenged the Vice President to stop running away from the questions of Ghanaians.

The daily increase in the dollar is a big problem in this country and it seems the man who promised the entire world to Ghanaians is nowhere to be found. He is lost in action when the battle has just begun.

According to Sammy Gyamfi, Bawumiah is nowhere to be found after making uncountable promises to Ghanaians. What did he not say about the dollar? Now dollar rates against the cedis is appalling and we are going to suffer even more very soon. All Ghanaians ask is to show working but no where to be found, he stated.

Sammy Gyamfi says the hike in prices of items have to do with the increase in the dollar rate. This means the price to purchase items will increase, forcing consumers to pay more than they have budgeted a day before. And we can not go on like this.

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