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Ethnic groups and their traditional foods

It is undeniable fact that every group of people have their own way of life including the food they eat. These food differentiation could possibly be the reason for the physiological difference among the various tribes in Ghana.

Why do different tribes like particular foods from the lot? Could it be that different tribes are ascribed to different foods? Could it also be that tribes like particular foods due to their geographical location where the foods are available? Whichever is the reason, the following are the tribes and the foods they like.

1. Asantes -fufu and nkrakra soup

2. Fantes -Fante kenkey and pepper

3. Nzemas - aky3k3 and

4. Dagaabas - tuozaafi and dwodwo soup + pito

5. Ewes -akpl3 and okro soup

6. Dagombas -tuozaafi and sour leaf soup

7. Bono -yam fufu and dried okro soup

8. Kusaase- akpl3 and slippery soup

9. Sefwis -fufu and pepper soup

10. Gas -ga kenkey and pepper

11. Bimobas/Gruma -tuozaafi and sour leaf soup

12. Frafras -tuozaafi and kuka leaf soup +pito

13. Breku -banku and pepper

14. Wala -tuozaafi and sour leaf soup

These are wonderful rich traditional foods that need to be eaten. It will help boost our agricultural sector and provide us with the needed nutrition. It will also inject income into our economy.

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By: Jmahama

Content created and supplied by: Jmahama (via Opera News )



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