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Everyone: See how to permanently get rid of Green Algae "Apopobibri" from The House, Floor, Washroom etc

Good day to everyone on this platform, we thank God for another day. Todays article is about how to get rid of green moss and algae (apopobibri in twi), that thrive in our beautiful house, walls, floor, washrooms, city, etc which make the environment unhealthy and disgusting for us. This algae and moss which also call spirogyra can commonly seen in most of our homes, office etc, so please help share this article to help others.

The main factors that cause moss and algae growth are moisture, shade, and close proximity to trees and debris. While these conditions are unavoidable in Vancouver, we can certainly prevent damage to our property by washing all surfaces regularly.

To prevent this green moss and algae from our house, make sure you get the following ingredients, to wash there frequently for sometimes before its can go away permanently.


1. Bleach, 2. Vinegar , 3. Salt, 4. Iron sulfate or Baking soda, 5. Hot water.

How to prepare and use.

Mix the water, salt, bleach, baking soda and vinegar in a bucket, and then add as much soap as needed, as long as it totals less than 20 percent of the mixture. The Soap helps the moss absorb the other ingredients, which then work to dry out and get rid by killing it from the sources.

You can apply it with a spray machine or bottle, using enough to dampen the moss. However, you have to be careful with this recipe, as it will kill any plant so avoid spraying fruits, vegetables, or living tree branches if you need them in the house.

Leave the solution for a couple of hours on the moss and once it’s done its job re-apply the solution and start scrabbling the floor. Note: Make sure to wear a hands gloves or a protective material to cover yourself whiles you are doing, and will never appear there anymore, if you it proper. Thank you please help spread across to friends and family to know this solution.

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