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Sad: Take a look at the 1,502 affordable housing project left to rot.

House rent is one of the country's major issues, and as a result, people trying to make a living and needing a place to sleep have a hard time to find a place to sleep. Due to the scarcity of affordable housing units in the country, rents are increasing rapidly, and some landlords simply raise their rent because you have no other choice but to pay them or leave the house. This is especially true in the country's major cities, where many people who move there are unable to afford a home due to the high cost of rent.

Because of this, the affordable housing project was started in 2012 to build affordable houses in order to address the country's housing problems, but over the years project has been abounded to rot and collapse.

The Saglemi housing project, which is located in the Greater Accra Region, was originally planned to have 5,000 housing units, but only 1,502 have been constructed, with no utilities installed and no residents in them, and weeds have taken over the houses, with animals roaming freely in the apartments intended to house Ghanaians in need of a safe place to sleep. And some of the buildings that appear to be finished but need service installations have cracks in them, with exposed and decaying iron rods in the pillars, as well as rotting wooden panels and frames.

Though the leaders have assured us that it will be completed, which will undoubtedly cost more money to rebuild the damaged areas, Ghanaians can only hope that it will be completed soon so that they can have a place to sleep that is affordable.

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Greater Accra Region Saglemi


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