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Why Its Difficult To Import From China On Credit

China has taken over the world as the world’s superpower but china as the world’s trading partner is difficult to deal with than the way the US was.

Several years ago I had an order to supply a product to a client in Brazil. Because I had led a client to lose some money before that order, I was determined to transact the order on a COD basis at all cost. China at the time was the cheapest and the best source of the product. So I started my sourcing from china. By the time I got to about the 900th potential supplier, I became frustrated and angry because no one was willing to do COD, and each of the potential suppliers I had talked to confidently told me I will not get COD from any supplier in china.

Every potential supplier wanted TT payment mode.30 percent before manufacturing and 70 percent after manufacturing before supply.True to the words of all the potential suppliers I had talked to I never got any supplier who was willing to do DP or COD or CAD

This is how difficult its to deal with China in terms of trade sometimes. China has built its economy on strict rules and laws that each citizen takes seriously to the core. Once a rule is agreed on nationally, everyone takes it seriously to the core and this is how China has built its power and economy over the years

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