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“Ghana Paaa ni?” Cement Prices to Hit GHC60

The new information and data coming in indicate how Cement will hit 60ghc. This piece of information comes as a shock to me and many other Ghanaians because the current price is outrageous and Ghanaians are exasperated already, so why add more pain to injury.

Well, according to an article Follkhub chanced upon in the Business and Financial Times newspaper, if taxes and levies are not reviewed by end of the year cement prices will hit 60ghc. This piece of information is coming from the manufacturers of cement in the country. According to them, they have suffered dire consequences for refusing to increase the price just to stay competitively in business. But it appears they have to take a bold step now before things go worst for their companies.

Per the industry data, over the past 7months, the retail price of cement has gone up three times (3x) resulting in a 10-12ghc or roughly 27% increase. This move pushed the retail price to 50gh that we are currently suffering now. However, if the government refuse to take a second look at import duties on the importation of their raw materials and some conditions and delays at the port that affects their production, they will have nothing to do but to push the price on the innocent Ghanaians.

As we all know, cement is an essential commodity in this country and it occupies an important spot in the economy of Ghana. There is no way this news can be trivialized. I mean, most buildings in Ghana are built with cement- over 90%, so if prices of cement increase, it affects the prices of a lot of things.

Maybe it is time Ghanaians take a look at other building materials than cement. Look, the world is going Green and getting more innovative. It is high time we give high reverence to what we travel and see. Of late, materials like straw bales, grass crates, bamboo, wood, mycelium and even containers are used for buildings. Qatar is building container stadiums for the whole world to come and have fun as we enjoy the world cup.

This is not rocket science, we can also use the local resources we have to build and relieve the pressure on cement. This will stabilize the price because of the demand and supply ratio. Besides, it will also make our housing system more affordable. I mean how can we build with cement in mountainous places like Mampong, Korley, Buoho and fix air condition. This is an archaic style of reasoning in a building. Today, you can position your building to a desirable wind direction and building materials that can make your room cosy and chilly.

Let’s get innovative Ghanaians.



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