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Ghana must have an economic development strategy and not depend solely on manifestos.

According to a former Bank of Ghana Chief Economist, Ghana's lack of an economic development plan makes it difficult to assess the country's progress toward self-sufficiency. 

Politicians, according to Dr. A. O. Abudu, have relied solely on their manifestos to introduce a "shopping list of products" under the pretext of improving the nation, but in no practical sense, for decades. 

Such out-of-context development projects, he claims, have greatly blurred the country's end-game and built a disconnect between citizens' expectations and the government.

“We don't have any economic development plan so that the politicians and us, the people, know exactly where we're going, what our roles are because government alone cannot do everything,” Dr Abudu said on JoyNews' AM Show. 

“Everyone has to pitch in; we're all trying to move this country forward. So, if we don't have an economic development strategy and plan on the basis of, say, a shopping list of things culled from party manifestos, that isn't planning. It isn't a strategy.” 

He argued that, while these "shopping lists of products" were useful for the purposes for which they were created, they must be integrated into a larger picture, namely, economic growth.

“You see these little things, the few ventures, they're fine, we appreciate them, but they have to be linked together within a plan,” he explained. 

According to him, an economic development strategy will ensure the continuity of developmental projects and the further development of the country's human capital in subsequent governments. 

“If you prepare correctly, it means we have a national economic plan and a plan for human resource growth, since the population is increasing at a rate of doubling every 25 years. Much of this must be planned for.

However, the country is actually being run like a truck, according to the former Chief Economist. 

“The car is driving, and the driver knows where he's going, but the passengers have no idea.”

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