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How Well Do You Know These People: A Case For Your Life

Whenever you feel all hope is lost and the only available option is to give up, always remember these people and make a case for your life. Remember them and rise up again because mistakes, obstacles and downfalls give life a meaning and also the need to continue pursuing your goals and aspirations.

We might have probably heard about these great people, but what probably we may not know is the number of times they went down before becoming successful.

Let's check them out;


The story of Abraham Lincoln is one that should never be forgotten. He had many reasons to give up but he didn't. At twenty- two years old, he failed in his business. He ran for the legislature and lost, the woman he loved passed away and he suffered a nervous breakdown in the next year.

He again lost a political race and was unsuccessful in his run for Congress. However, he got elected (Congress) only to be defeated two years later and also lost the Senate bid. In the end he was elected President of the United States.

LESSON LEARNT: A man is not defined by the number of punches he receives, but how hard he strikes back when he receives them.


She had a difficult start in life, with living conditions not so good. She was declared "unfit" and was fired by a producer after she was hired in a local television station. She relocated to host a station's low rated talk show. Within a few month, the show became the number one, which led to the renaming "The Oprah Winfrey show."

LESSON LEARNT: Ups and downs give balance to life.


In his early childhood he failed in his primary school exams twice, he also failed thrice in his middle school exams. He again failed the entrance exams thrice when applying to University and got rejected 10 times for applying and writing to Harvard University. He failed to get a job after applying to them 30 times.

However, he never gave up and ventured into E-commerce (Alibaba).The company began from his apartment without a penny from outside investors. Gradually, it grew into a bigger company. Now he is one of the richest men (if not the richest man) in China.

LESSON LEARNT: Failure is not a means to an end but a means for greater things to come.


He failed a couple of times in his automobile business. However, he learned from his mistakes and came out with Ford motor company which changed the automobile industry.

LESSON LEARNT: Mistakes shape us to be better.


He is a wonderful entrepreneur because of his abundant innovations. He was fired by the board of directors in the same company (Apple) he found success in. He had to bounce back, and found a new company which was eventually acquired by Apple. Back to Apple, he showed his great capabilities which made the company successful.

LESSON LEARNT: It pays to persevere and endure.


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A Case For Your Abraham Lincoln


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