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My Heart Bleeds So Much: Massive Reaction As Tilapia Makes A Perfect Description Of The Economy

Tilapia the cartoonist is an awesome Ghanaian comic cartoon creator that picks trending subjects in the country and generates an awesome piece of art with an intended message.

Tilapia today made a tremendous piece of cartoon art about the widely talked about controversial Electronic-Levy [E-Levy] on how after milking a said cow brought out no expected milk.

This art is the situation at hand in the country, where taxpayers were levied on selected electronic money transactions in the country.

The government was hoping to generate an expected amount of income from Ghanaians to help boost the fallen state of the Ghanaian economy.

Yet after a month of executing the levy, it is pointed out that there's nothing profitably promising from the levying.

Ghanaians reacted to the said image depicting the current state of the E-Levy and how tilapia comically molded the circumstance with the vice president, the finance minister, and a senior fellow of the Dankwa-Busia tradition.

See reactions below:

• So creative it depicts our current economic situation, what's our crime for voting you into power.

• My heart bleeds so much anytime I cast my mind when I had to join that huge queue just to make my vote counts for you, little did I know you were the serpent himself. I pray God forgives you of all your lies. Shalom

• It's a Lie. This mind game won't work this time. Ghanaians are not dumb to believe this. You just want to misuse the E-Levy revenue without accountability so if you begin telling lies like this nobody can question you about it.

• This is a real depiction of our current situation and explains why we are living in a collapsed economy. God help us all.

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