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Throwback: When buyers couldn't resist buying from this beautiful woman

In our part of the world, selling and buying has been advanced unlike in the olden days when the barter trade system was working. Our social studies books and teachers taught us that during that system, it could take days before the seller goes back to see if the buyer really liked what he placed there and exchanged it with another item. Imagine placing an item on a wall and going back to return in three days only to find out nobody exchanged it with another item. It is just a waste of time and energy.

Thanks be to God, we have advanced from that system and are really enjoying our system of trade at the moment. It is no more like in the olden days where it took days and weeks before an item could be delivered or exchanged. Normally, in our traffics, we see people see items and they are making a living out of it.

This has placed the traffic under a situation which costs others as well as makes others win at the same time. The passengers who are late for an occasion tend to hate the traffic jam whiles the sellers thank God for allowing a traffic jam to happen.

This article is actually a throwback and is based on a seller who caused traffic in town as people could not stop staring at her. You would expect people to look at the things she had placed on her head which were to be sold but they weren’t. They were actually looking at something else. What then were they busily looking at?

Well, the answer lies in the picture above. The way she adjusted her body when serving her customers only invited all eyes to move towards her direction. Was it intentional? Was it a strategy to getting her items finished as early as possible? Are the men around to be blamed for watching her instead of focusing on what they were doing? Well, this is a question yet to be answered. I hope you help me with the answers to these questions.

Below are other pictures of her which were taken on that fateful day. Take a stroll through them

I don't think many men can see her without looking at her. They could have overcome that but the way this woman was adjusting her body by bending and walking called for no resistance. Putting her body expressions aside, she had been endowed with gluteus muscles and adipose tissues at the backside and hence resisting was made difficult for the people around. The more you try not to look, the more your brain tells you to fix your gaze over there. I'm sure whatever she was selling was running out of stock at a faster rate. Well, this is business.

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