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A 100kg Bag Of Maize Is No Longer GH¢153.86, See The New Price And Cost Of Other Food Commodities

Most of the prices of commodities hiked as a result of the pandemic that we're trying to curb. However, we thank the Almighty God for constantly providing for us irregardless of the difficulties we are facing.

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Just like you worry about what to eat, it is very necessary to be updated about the prices of various food commodities. When the price increases, it affects a whole lot of people who don't know where their next meal will come from.

The prices of food commodities increase from time to time and it is also depending on your location. Sometimes it could be sold at a higher rate in your location, while at other locations it can be sold at cheaper rates. That is why this article will be of help to you, because you will be able to know the locations where things are sold at a cheaper rate.

Below is the price of Maize and some food commodities:

1.) 100kg bag of local white rice is sold at 385.43 cedis unlike the former price that was 375.14 cedis. It has increased, but in places like Kumasi it could be sold for a lesser price. How much is it sold in your location?

2.) A 100kg Bag of Maize is no longer sold at 153.86 cedis, the new price is 154.17 cedis. There's a slight increase according to Esoko price, so what's the cost in your location?

3.) 72kg Crate of Tomatoes (72kg) was sold at GHS 348.17, but now it has reduced to GHS 293.75. Please note that the price differs and I'll love you to leave comments about the price in your location.

How much is Maize sold in your location? Please do well to leave your comments below so that others can know how to get cheaper food commodities. No one wants to be cheated, so it will be very important for you to help others out by leaving a comment on the prices of these goods in your own location.

Source: Ghana Prices (Esoko)

Content created and supplied by: Chef_Chi (via Opera News )



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