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4 Benefits of having a backyard farm

Agriculture is said to be the backbone of every country. And it is also true because the food produce by farmers, such as cassava, plantain, fishes, tomatoes,etc feeds the nation throughout the year. Wether turned into finish good as raw as it was produce help the nation to feed it's citizens. Farm product such as coacoa, cashew, coffee also help enhance the nation's economic development when exported foreign country as raw or manufactured goods.

So backyard farm is when a person grows farm product inside his/her residence or house. This as you can see can not be large scale to be sold in large amount but purposely to feed the famer and his family. With this the family benefits in huge amount. Some of the purposes are as follows:

1. The family gets sufficient food to feed on.

2. The family can sell some to get money.

3. Some food can be stored for the Future.

4. The family can feed without depending the nations source.

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