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Don't Let Any Motivational Speaker Kill You;Aliko Dangote's Grandfather Was The Richest In Africa

The saying that success has many fathers and failure has none is true. Succeeding in business does not require you to have lot of cash, or business experience, or a degree. The most important factor is that you must have the desire to do something, and passion and determination to succeed before you start on your entrepreneurial journey. This is one of many reasons why many dream of quitting their day jobs to go into business but only a few follow their goals and eventually succeed.

Alhassan Dantata was the richest in the whole of West Africa during his era and surprisingly Aliko Dankote his grandson has followed in his steps to become the richest man in African. Success was already in the family line but Dankote is an illustrious person himself who worked hard to achieve success.

In the 1940s the determined Dantata established groundnuts pyramid at Kano. He would soon become rich with an Additional trade in Kolanuts. Pyramids setup was filled with 15,000 filled Bags with the British becoming prime suppliers to his company. In 1929 at Kano, he became the first ever individual to have opened a bank account and made a deposit when The Nigerian first bank branch was opened.

A huge amount of 20 Camel loads of silver coins was the deposit making him the first entrepreneur to deposit into a bank in Nigeria. Based on religious beliefs, he refused to collect the interest earned on his money.

In the final days of his life, the wealthiest West African pointed his hands at the six pyramids and declared that it is his.

In those days it wasn't common for people to have cars but he was extremely rich to have a car parked at his Kogi residence in 1931. Alhassan Dantata was also known as the richest by the year 1955.

Success was already in his family, work hard and leave the rest to God. Being Overambitious can cost you dearly

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