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Meet The Rich Nigerian Woman Who Said She Will Never Be As Poor As Dangote

There are so many rich people in the world who are not registered. In Nigeria we know the richest people in Africa and many others who are left behind, but we don't know some because they haven't been officially declared rich yet.


It should be noted that it should be considered as one of the richest that your wealth is legally acquired. This literally means that you are not involved in drugs, improper public funding, or other criminal activity.

So this brings us to the story of the popular Nigerian military head of state, Sani Abacha.

This is a man who has ruled Nigeria for years and is also accused of embezzling the country's wealth.


It is the first Nigerian soldier of its kind to perform full military service without losing position or rank. Sani Abacha reportedly stole billions of dollars from the Nigerian treasury when he was in power.

In 2004, reports explained that he stole an estimated $ 1 billion to $ 5 billion from the country.

As it turns out, with that kind of money, Sani Abacha should be the richest man in Africa, but ironically, he's not on the list.

Due to Sani Abacha's wealth and the fact that he died years ago, his wife Mariam Abacha made the statement that regardless of the amount of looted money the late military leader Abacha found, he would never be as bad as a dangote.

Sani Abacha's wife pictured is a former Nigerian first lady who is currently 76 years old.

This is shocking! This implies that her husband left a lot of wealth for himself and his family, which cannot be compared to Dangote's wealth.

Aliko Dangote, Africa's richest man, has no rivals, but when one has to make a statement that Dangote is poor, something fishy happens.

What is your opinion?

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