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African Countries Noted With The Highest Number Of Natural Resources.

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We all know when it comes to the production and distribution of natural resources, the African continent can't be left out as many of it's countries are rich in these resources. As stated in our previous article (you can kindly recheck on my page if you haven't already read about it), we spoke about some of the continent's producers and exporters of these minerals and they were Nigeria, which leads in the production of crude oil, Botswana, the leading producers of diamonds, South Africa, which is noted for it's production of manganese, DR Congo, largest producers of coltan, and Namibia, producers of uranium. These are the top five ranked producers and exporters of African natural resources and we're going to look at other African countries which are prominent in producing and exporting natural resources.

i. Mozambique

Mozambique is a major player in the production of aluminium and produces thirty-two percent of the world's aluminium. They are also producers of gas and coal.

ii. Zambia

The main producer of copper on the African continent is Zambia as they produce about sixty-five to seventy-seven percent of copper which is an excellent conductor of heat and is used mainly for electrical wiring in building construction. With iron and other metals, Zambia also produces brass and bronze and is able to create good and sustainable jobs for it's citizens.

iii. Niger

Niger produces about forty-four percent of African's uranium, which is commonly used in the production of nuclear weapons. It's exports represents forty percent of the country's total production.

iv. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has the world's second largest platinum deposit and it's lands are a combination of about sixty percent ancient rocks, industrial materials, base metals, and mineral resources.

v. Egypt

Egypt has been predicted to be one of the most powerful economical countries in the world by 2030 as they own major gas fields in the Mediterranean and the country has made up structural investments in many sectors, including power generation and establishing many other industries zones.

These are not the only African countries which are rich in natural resources as other countries like Ghana, Cameroon, and the Equatorial Guinea are also major players in the field of natural resources but that's a topic for another day. Thank you for reading and until we meet again, ciao.

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