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Companies collapsed due to dumsor

Most companies are collapsing due to the unstable source of electricity in Ghana. This is affecting small-scale businesses and it's very bad to have this situation in a developing country. 

Businesses are collapsing because of this 'dumsor' crisis and all that government officials can do, is to give lame excuses to Ghanaians.

People are loosing their jobs day in day out all because some few incompetent group of people are taking inconsiderate decisions that is negatively affecting the lives of the Ghanaian majority.

Many private business sectors are also finding it very difficult to operate on their businesses. Most private companies use electricity to operate their businesses and dumpster has affected their businesses and it’s making them enduring losses. 

These companies employ people to work and they get their salaries and wages from and now dumsor has affected their jobs and they have to stay home. Most companies close down their businesses because there is no source of electricity to operate the product manufacturing.

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