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Galamsey Operators Adopt New Strategy On Ankobra River; Time For Government To Improvise Too

The usual operations taken by the Galamsey Taskforce at the various mining districts, especially those along river bodies could go waste given the fact that these recalcitrant illegal miners had improved to prevent their machinery from getting destroyed.


As smart as they can be, these galamsey operators [illegal miners] are not threatened by the fierce operations of the security officers who go on usual patrols on the Ankobra river in the Nzema area of the Western Region.


The Ampansie to Dominase stretch of the river had witnessed a surge in turbidity levels and increasing pollution due to the alluvial mining undertaken in the water by these miners. Knowing surely the risk in continuing their illegal business, these miners had resorted to sink their chanfang machines in the water at the slightest hint of a swoop being carried within their territories.


They cannot afford to have the machine burnt, and so this strategy proves to be a suitable option so they can salvage it when the galamsey taskforce are done with their usual vandalism which has been authorized by the government. The fact is that, the chanfang machine has a degree of water resistance, and could easily be repaired by the illegal miners.


It took an operation by the Nzema East Municipal Assembly and the Western Regional Minister to learn about this new tactic the illegal miners had employed. The operation which was carried on the Ankobra river, along the Ampansie to Dominase area was motivated by some intelligence the taskforce received about the devastation caused by the miners.

 The taskforce onboard a canoe to the illegal mining site

The illegal miners have swept off the site leaving their rafts floating on the water surface, and a few waters hose around. It took curiosity of the taskforce to stir through the depth of the water only to learn the chanfang machines [about fifteen of them] have been buried at the bottom of the water.


It was a smart decision but evil cannot hide forever. This knowledge has been shared among other actors in government especially mining districts that are still battling with galamsey.

Some months ago, the Ankobra River was on the path of restoration due to the reactivation of the anti-galamsey taskforce by the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor. Hundreds of illegal mining sites were destroyed but for the discontinued operation, this old ‘devil’ has resurfaced.


The question then is, “can the government ever win the war against galamsey, and by what means given that all other aggressive methods have failed?”

Content created and supplied by: Blind_Justice (via Opera News )

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