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OPINION : Statistics Showing Why Accra Is Developed Than Lagos.


The population density indicates how crowded or dispersed the population is. Overcrowding can occur in cities or countries with large population densities, which can be a concern if the infrastructure is lacking.

Accra's population density is 9590 people per square kilometre.

The population density of Lagos is 7941 people per square kilometre.


Because of their large economies, populous cities or countries typically have more job opportunities. Big cities are important cultural centres and research hubs, as well as attracting companies and business investment.

Accra has a population of 2.29 million which is made up of 49% males and 51% females

Lagos has a population of 7.94 million people comprising 52.2% males and 47.8% females


A low unemployment rate indicates better career opportunities and economic growth

Accra has an unemployment rate of 11% with an average salary of $303.76

Lagos has an unemployment rate of 21% with an average salary of $200.00


82% of citizens in Accra has access to public health care

18% of citizens in Lagos has access to public healthcare


The annual survey uses 39 parameters to rate 221 cities. Health, education, sanitation, housing, community, the environment, leisure, political-economic stability, and public transportation are all important criteria.

According to Mercer, 2021, the quality of living in Accra is 158# and the quality of living in Lagos is 203#

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