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Financial effect of COVID-19 on Ghana's economy: difficulties and possibilities

The world's economies are on their knees following the adverse consequence of the Covid pandemic in the course of recent months. Developing number of investigates has been led on the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on created nations with little consideration on non-industrial nations, who are as yet wrestling with the adverse consequence of the Covid. The reasoning for this examination is to evaluate the financial effect of COVID-19 on Ghana's economy and government reaction to the pandemic just as strategy alternatives to restore the weak economy.

This investigation investigated the financial effect of the Covid on Ghana's economy utilizing a talk examination with information from different optional sources to break down the effect of the pandemic from the Ghanaian point of view.

The discoveries from the talk examination uncovered that the Covid pandemic has contrarily affected on the financial circumstance of the residents of Ghana. Whiles an expected 42,000 individuals lost their positions in the initial two months of the pandemic in Ghana, vacation spot area of the nation alone lost $171 million dollars in the previous three months because of the incomplete lockdown and conclusion of the travel industry and neighborliness focuses in the country. The examination uncovered that Ghana's medical care framework has been overpowered by the quantity of expanding cases in the country to degree of utilizing transitory designs as disconnection and therapy focuses of the pandemic. The examination uncovered that Ghana may change over these difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic into possibilities and openings by putting greatly in the wellbeing area and making support for the SMEs which makes enormous work for some Ghanaians.

This investigation centers around the effect of the COVID-19 on Ghana's economy and what the pandemic has adversely meant for the country. The examination is an exploratory investigation that utilizes auxiliary information. Nonetheless, leading an investigation with essential information sources from explicit networks or areas in the nation may not create similar outcomes. The outcomes from the essential level or local area level might be not the same as the overall outcomes acquired from the examination. In future it is normal that the examination centers explicitly around the degree of the Covid pandemic on Ghana's monetary shortage which appears to have swelled lately.

The investigation is the first of its sort to broadly investigate the financial effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Ghanaian economy. The oddity of this paper is that it perceives governments reaction to the pandemic and proposes three down to earth estimates received to return the country's economy on its feet through endure, restore and guaranteeing development in all areas of the economy.

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